Kreativ Blogger Award  

Posted by Leslea

LOL - Lord knows I"m not creative but thanks Heather for nominating me. As a stipulation, I must list 6 things I am thankful for and nominate 6 friends as well! So here goes:

1. My wonderful husband who puts up with my all my little quirks and general lack of cleaning the house. He's my best friend and I don't know what I would do without him.

2. That I have a beautiful daughter who is changing every day and learning more things. Now if she would just walk but then I'll complain about her getting into even more stuff.

3. That I am able to stay home with Abby and watch her grow and that I don't have to go to work (who wants to get up for 8am??)

4. That I get along with my family and the in laws pretty well even if we do butt heads from time to time.

5. That Rick puts up with the vast amount of romance novels and other reading material strewn over the guest room, play room and bed room (guess I need to make a trip to trade some in soon)

6. Living down South and not having to put up with freezing cold weather for a large chunk of the year.

So I hearby give the Kreativ Blogger Award to

Katie Fanning
Vicky Creasy
Kacey Grisham
Jessica Corn
Maria Johnson
Ana Bell

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