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Over the past few weeks, our part of the country has been hit by two hurricanes. The first one was Gustav, that ended up going in the New Orleans area. At first it was projected to go into southwest Louisiana were our families live. My family evacuated to Little Rock, Arkansas where my sister is currently going to school. Rick's family came to stay with us for a few days. Grandma Hoffpauir was quite pleased to have to leave home so she could come visit Abby. Rick's brother, Brent, and his wife Jennifer and baby Sarah along with Jennifer's parents and aunt came to BCS. Here is Abby and Sarah during the visit.

A couple of weeks later, Ike started to move it's way into the Gulf of Mexico and headed towards Galveston, Texas. This time my cousin Duane, his wife Angeline and daughter Emily evacuated from League City to our house. They stayed for two nights before heading back down to their house. Thankfully our families sustained little to no damage during either hurricane. Here is Duane, Emily and Abby.

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