Night Vision  

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Our usual bedtime routine is as follows. Usually between 10 - 10:30pm I start to warm up Abby's bedtime bottle. Once that is warmed up, Abby and I head to the bedroom. After she drinks her first couple of ounces, it's off to the floor of the room to play for a little while. The new thing to do while playing on the floor is to touch the touch lamp. Touching the touch lamp has wonderful results as the light goes on and off many many times. Then it's a short step to the side to touch the big button to turn on the noise maker. So as I sit in bed to try to read my book, the lights are flickering on and off and the noise maker is being turned on and off. Mind you the noise maker is set to white noise which is basically static noise. Makes for an enjoyable reading experience on my part. During the last book store trip, I bought a two dollar small book light so I can at least see while Abby turns the lamp on an off. The other night after Rick came in to tell us good night, he took her across the room and I turned off the lamp. We were amazed that Abby was able to navigate from the other side of the room in the dark and turn the lamp back on so she could see. I'm constantly amazed at how much Abby can actually see compared to what our expectations of her vision limits are. We ended up turning the lamp on and off a few more times in the dark much to her delight.

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